FSU Millennial Advisors

Ekotecture is very proud to have the support of a wide cross section of students at various stages of the Degree and PHD studies from Florida State University supporting the project.

brandonboyleBrandon Boyle:
I am the current president and founder of the Ekotecture Club at Florida State and I plan to expand this RSO to the entire campus and make it great. I am a sophomore and will be soon applying to the School of  Entrepreneurship at Florida State. I will be working with Jill to raise the awareness of global warming and the importance of living sustainably with Mother Earth. I am looking to grow Ekotecture so large that the entire planet will be living sustainably and in harmony with each other.

yuchenChen Yu:
I’m from China and now a graduate student in MSc in Marketing at FSU. I did my undergraduate in China, majored in Mechanical Designing & Manufacturing and minored in Financial Management. I’m impressed by the goals and objectives of Ekotecture and wish to devote myself into this great and meaningful movement. Hope to bring Ekotecture to China in the future, where is suffering huge environmental problems.   



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