The Team

jill-karlin-butler-hs_3-240Jill Karlin Butler
President & CEO
Co-Founder of Ekotecture, mentored by the master and father of environmental architecture, Lee Porter Butler.  Jill assumes her role as “mother of the environmental architecture movement”.  For the last twenty four years Jill has brought forth the principles of Ekotecture through writing, social media, lectures, individual meetings, and educational forums.  Jill launches Ekotecture; the criteria of which addresses Global Warming and Climate Change  and is a means to solving many of the pressing challenges human civilization faces from environmental and energy security to housing, food and water: all of which Ekotecture elegantly addresses.


Anna M Heim
International Projects & Policy Advisor
Anna has worked in support the Ekotecture since 2010, providing technical support and international policy advice.
With a degree in computer science and business, Anna is also a co-founder and designer of low-tech high-impact clean green energy projects in Africa – utilizing the core principles of Ekotecture. Anna’s side project recycles human, animal and other organic waste to produce clean energy in rural and remote parts of Africa, with additional entrepreneurial benefits where all bi-products of the energy production cycle are utilised to enhance economic and food security, community health as well as education and employment opportunities.

DonaldDonald R Edge

Don  graduated from University of Michigan, College of Architecture in 1951.
Don worked nationally with 7th Day Adventists for 40 years improving health care facilities – mostly at existing hospitals, restructuring them to be efficient, user and patient friendly. In addition, he has worked with many  schools, homes, medical office buildings, and historical restoration projects generating hundreds of millions of dollars.

Don was President of the Florida State Board of Architecture. During his 47 year career, he volunteered his expertise in code and regulation guidelines. In 1974, he was chairman  of the Committee on Architecture for Health.  In 1964, he served on the National Building Code Committee as a member of American Institute of Architects & President of the local Chapter. For 27 years, Don served with the National Fire Protection Association on its Institutional Occupancy Code Committee.  He was on the Advisory Committee for the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals.

Presently retired, Don is enjoying the prospect of contributing his lifetime experience in architectural design to Ekotecture. He states:  “To have the opportunity to supply all the experience and knowledge for the good of society,  to give something back to the society that has treated me so well”.  


Cyndi S. Lindenberger
Executive Administrative Assistant

Cyndi has 25+ years background in the Lending/Finance and Banking Industry as a Real Estate Investor, Mortgage Broker, Title Officer, Processor, Closer, Funding agent, and Administrative Assistant.
She navigates the complexities of positioning EKOTECURE in our global market. Her passion is to honor the planet’s natural resources and EKOTECTURE aligns with her vision for collaboration in awareness, compassion and unity in creating a clean environment for healthy living.

Nathan Kowalski

Computer Science major at Worcester Polytechnic Institute Bachelor of Science 2018.

His ambition is to corral millennials into prioritizing the development and implementation of clean and sustainable energy and its supporting infrastructure with the goal of building a team of colleagues motivated to change the status quo. His expertise is information technology, networking, and social media.  

Nate wishes to use his natural leadership skills positioning Ekotecture at the forefront of purveyors of plans, community and urban development designs and criteria  in the changing global marketplace, which  consciously addresses the climate change crisis.


Aaron  Hassinger

Aaron Hassinger is a 37 year old – Pennsylvania-raised; son, brother, father, and a residential mortgage banker. A soccer scholarship led Aaron to Millersville University of PA where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/ Finance – 2002.

Aaron has lived in South Florida for the past 14 years, operating as Branch Manager for Success Mortgage Partners, Inc in Broward County, FL and as the Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis Miami Chapter Volunteer Vice Director.  Aaron’s chief interests are combining digital marketing systems with old fashioned relationship-based selling. “My vision is to create a team of diverse individuals that pushes Ekotecture from concept to Mother Earth’s waters.”


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