DEFINITION OF EKOTECTURE Biospheres are organically conceived structures, buildings, vessels, arks, mobile living environments, manufactures according to the following data base: (characteristics and principles) ie, SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION STRUCTURES (patent pending)

(1) Integrates the architectural, structural functions with the utility, (water, gas, electricity, and sanitary) utility infrastructural functions. (2) Utilizes solar, gravity geothermal and other universal scientific principles and energies to "power" the systems (photovoltaics, solar, water heaters, evaporative  condenser purifiers, biodigestors, solar chimneys, evaporative cooling tubes and others.) (3) Eliminates destructive friction and combustion resulting... Continue Reading →

A Description of Existing Building Design and Technological Limitations

This list describes the functional, environmental limitations, qualities and characteristics of conventional building designs and building technology systems used to construct and maintain them. It provides the basics for the development of design criteria for the design process which will create future buildings which can be sustained and which shall sustain all human organisms, through... Continue Reading →

Ekotecture – Presentation at The Beach Club, Lake Worth Florida

November 2015: Jill Karlin was invited to give a presentation on Lee Butler’s  (her late husband) wonderful work on Ekotecture. Entitled  ‘A Vision for Lake Worth’. It was reported that the Beach Club members found this an interesting vision which in their view would put Lake Worth firmly and squarely on the map……..worth looking into!

Ekotecture – UK Presentation ~ Southend-on-Sea

During her recent visit to Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK, Jill Karlin Butler made two public presentations on Ekotecture to interested members of the community. Information about the presentations and Jill’s Art Exhibition at Art@Utopia was published in the Echo Southend, on Friday 30th August 2013

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