Mission & Vision

It is our mission is to:

  1. To address global warming and other crises facing our planet specifically through smart, sustainable, state of the art living environments which are manufactured and 3D printed on demand.
  2. To create a healthy interaction with Earth in the way we live through “Ekoarks”; buildings and communities, which produce their own lights, gas, water, waste recycling and food naturally within the infrastructure.
  3. To protect life in the event of any disaster, including earthquake, hurricane, tornado, fire, flood, and  tsunami through the design of the floating foundation and intelligent skin.
  4. To promote the criteria of Ekotecture by which all buildings and communities are created to protect humanity and our earth.
  5. To “open source” the sub-systems refinements.
  6. To transfer this knowledge through webinars, and videos.

We are passionate about the environment in all contexts, from the preservation of architecturally historical and heritage structures, through to best-practice in sustainable agricultural and reforestation.

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