DEFINITION OF EKOTECTURE Biospheres are organically conceived structures, buildings, vessels, arks, mobile living environments, manufactures according to the following data base: (characteristics and principles) ie, SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION STRUCTURES (patent pending)

Ekotcture - Essential Architecture

(1) Integrates the architectural, structural functions with the utility, (water, gas, electricity, and sanitary) utility infrastructural functions.

(2) Utilizes solar, gravity geothermal and other universal scientific principles and energies to “power” the systems (photovoltaics, solar, water heaters, evaporative  condenser purifiers, biodigestors, solar chimneys, evaporative cooling tubes and others.)

(3) Eliminates destructive friction and combustion resulting in maintenance and expenses.

(4) Produces “0” zero pollution, taking nothing from the earth, air, water, putting “0” nothing back into the earth, air, water.

(5) Utilizes the geometry of organic spiraling dodecahedral stacking crystalline structures to form super strength elements within the core of the building modules.

(6) Utilizes the indigenous cementous materials and recycled plastics to produce inexpensive, lightweight enough to float, fireproof, molded structural modules and tanks which resist mold, mildew, fungus, virus, bacterial growth.

(7) Utilizes compartmentalized flotation tanks in its “floating foundation platform, which is structurally integrated within the hidden superstructure above,  enabling the structure to resist seismic horizontal earthquake shear forces, hurricane wind forces, floods, tidal surges, and tornadoes, while retaining its ability to provide utilities and keep water out.  Designed for 250 MPH winds.

(8) Utilizes its organic wastes to produce organic fertilizer and methane gas.

(9) Maintains comfortable interior temperatures year round, in any climate by utilizing the gravity geo-thermal convection double air envelope eliminating friction/combustion mechanical systems for heating cooling, space conditioning, temperature, ventilation and humidity control.

(10) Controls winter and summer rain and breezes to maintain interior comfort.

(11) Utilizes an “interior garden (greenhouse space)” to grow foliage  and flowers, which negatively ionizes the air, removes all particle pollutants, odors, toxic off-gassing” and to increase the oxygen content, introduce floral fragrances, eliminating the “sick building syndrome”.

(12) Utilizes low voltage direct electric current moving through “electrically activated (doped) portions of the structural wall elements, eliminating electrical wiring and the  associated fire potential and shock hazard.

(13) Utilizes rain water and the latest radionics water treatment technologies and mineral-salts to produce a nutritionally superior, fresh, natural spring quality domestic water supply.

(14) Utilizes the gray water from the lavatories, showers, laundry and parking lot runoff to fertilize and water the landscape.

(15) Links the fertilizer resource being generated with ancillary hydroponic aqua culture and airponics horticultural facilities to provide fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, shrimp, and flowers for local markets.


EKOTECTURE offers superior returns on invested capital due to decreased life-cycle costs 1) minimum exposure to losses from natural disasters, acts of war, sabotage

2) the requirement to supply the system with natural resources (fossil fuel, hydro or nuclear)

3) the requirement to maintain real estate rights of way and distribution infrastructure pipes lines

4) lack of maintenance caused by heat producing friction, combustion, and nuclear power technology.


SOURCE: EKOTECTURE 1995Ekotecture - Essential Architecture

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