Surviving the Next Millenium in Sustainable Integrated Natural Energy Powered Floating Island Environme

Ekose’a is an ancient Greek word which means, “the essence of being”.  To the ancient Greeks, clearly to all ancient people, water, food, and shelter were the essentials, before children can be raised to form families and before families can build society.  The essence of our being is our desire to reproduce our own being, thus the need for essentials.

The Ekose’a home provides the family a design which remains snug and warm during the winter and cool during the summer without fire, mechanical systems or expense.  It provides reduced fuel consumption, reduced indoor pollution, and improved creature comfort levels over conventional single wall construction.

By surrounding the house with a film of earth heated air, and by using gravity convection to move the air, we eliminate the need for a conventional heating and cooling system.  This is Lee’s first great contribution to the human race.

Thousands of these homes have been lived in.  Some have been monitored and tested.  There is reported comfort, quiet, and low maintenance features of this first version of living on earth without moving parts in heating and cooling.

During 1978-1981 Ekose’a Homes received color press publications whose circulation exceeded 10 million.  65 million pages of press extolling the virtues of the Ekose’a design :  lots of natural light, plenty of open space for plants, and tested by Brookhaven National Laboratories and The Department of Energy  as the most energy efficient, flexible design of any house ever tested.

During this period as a direct result of media attention Ekose’a sold more than 40,000 books with floor plans exterior perspectives and photos of houses in six distinct climatological zones mapped out in the United States.

Many of the designs can be modified to fit more than one climatological zone.  In 1980 when the government change d and Ronald Reagan took away all tax credits for alternative energy and there was a moratorium from the press on covering alternative energy advances in the science about practical energy saving alternatives.  The prime interest rate went to 19% and residential construction halted.  The cut off of information, the interest, the government assistance to this fledgling new industry stranded.

Realizing that the real challenge was not a rural homestead or suburban American cottage problem, the real challenge was to invent and develop a way for America to export a viable new science , to create an export a viable new science, to create an exportable industry and products that can operate without resources.  These scenarios for the underdeveloped world, where there are few resources and few people trained to properly utilize what they have , could get America going again. This time leading the way towards a truly cleaner, healthier, brighter future.

The term EKOTECTURE refers to floating ecologically sound architectural structures integrated into and on board utility and agricultural systems.  EKOTECTURE is the logical evolution of the Ekosea Home and Bucky Fuller’s geodesic dome.  Spheres are superior to domes in the following ways:  Without the little struts and complex angles, molded spheres are cheaper and easier to build and openings can be any shape.  In terms of efficiency and simplicity of design an d the simplicity of actually forming or manufacturing.  The sphere gives absolute optimal structural strength and there are no extraneous cracks to seal against the leaking of water and wind.  He integrity of the spherical structure enables it to withstand and survive great stress, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, and tsunamis.

The Ekotecture floating home, patent pending as “sustainable construction structure”, the EKOSPHERE, not only removes the human habitat from the present material-resource consuming grid.  It eliminates the need for buildable land , by allowing development to take place on the rivers, waterways and lakes.  EKOTECTURE’s goal is to create a new global economic alliance which connects its advocates and clients to a dynamic interactive company information database and network, explain in regard to this new economy and the proprietary engineering details for manufacturing and monitoring and maintenance contracts that will constitute the new economy.

The new decentralized information age utility provides jobs and consumes human energy and labor but requires few materials , resources (fuel) for its daily operation and maintenance programs from a  central location.  Actual site visits are determined prior to predicted failures.

Ekotecture integrates many new technologies  which have been field tested, refined, and developed for the past THIRTY YEARS (Lee wrote this twenty years ago)and are in operation, world-wide.  EKOTECTURE will organize this global cartel of contractors, subcontractors, installers and maintainers, to produce and maintain the new systems world-wide.

We believe that the construction of very large EKOSPHERE biospheres, conceived floating island nations, can lead to the establishment of fresh new private management which must now reinvent politics and provide the consumer a beautiful place in which they can relax and enjoy the kind of life style they desire, protected and secure in their EKOTECTURE floating island healing center resort.

Written by Lee Porter Butler 1996 copyrighted


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